17 expressions from other countries Britain needs to start using right away

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The Queen's English is a versatile language, but that doesn't mean there's always going to be the perfect set of words for what you want to say.

Next time the cat's got your tongue why not bust out a few of these international idioms?

1. Like a pack of stunned mullets (Australia)

To be in a state of complete bewilderment or inertia.

2. Like a crocodile in a wallet factory (Puerto Rico)

To be very nervous.

3. To slide in on a shrimp sandwich (Sweden)

To get something you don't deserve.

4. Like eyebrows on fire (China)

Very urgent.

5. Acting the maggot (Ireland)

Fooling around.

6. To look like the Mona Lisa after a spanking (Czech Republic)

To be poorly dressed.

7. Galloping across Europe (Russia)

To do something hastily or haphazardly.

8. To smell pepper (Nigeria)

To have a shock.

9. Did an elephant stomp on your ear? (Poland)

You have no ear for music.

10. May a pine tree grow out of your bottom (Portugal)

Go to hell.

11. Willing to borrow a cat’s paws (Japan)

You’re so busy you'll accept help from anyone.

12. Can’t stop being the owl (Italy)

An inability to stop flirting.

13. I'm not hanging noodles on your ears (Russia)

I'm not joking.

14. Stop climbing on my head (Egypt)

Stop annoying me.

15. The carrots are cooked (France)

The situation can’t be changed.

16. To buy oneself a monkey (Germany)

To get drunk.

17. To take a dip (Sri Lanka)

To cut off a relationship.

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