This 'America First, India second' video beats all the other spoofs (to second place)

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Picture: YouTube/screengrab

So Donald Trump’s inspired a few spoof tourism videos as of late.

Countries from all around the world are jumping on the funny train and making their own versions of ‘America First’ videos based on his campaign.

The latest video to be making the rounds online is called ‘America First, India Second?’

A voiceover that sounds suspiciously like Trump starts listing all the great ways India is similar - but also second, and very happy about it - to the US.

We’ve been watching a bunch of terrible videos of countries from around the world asking to be second. Bad videos. Terrible videos. We on the other hand are amazing at being second. We assure you we are good. We are very very very good.

And then, what follows is four minutes of pure, wonderful satire.

Classics include...

There’s about 2.5million of us in America alone. We’ve got lots of people. Why? Because we have sex like it’s meant to be- unprotected. It’s so good okay? It’s so good.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab


We love our ladies just like you do so we got one of our Miss World’s to replace Pamela Anderson

Picture: YouTube/screengrab


We know you love ‘grabbing women by the p---y we have an ancient manual, the Kama Sutra, which lists more than 245 ways to grab someone by their...

Picture: YouTube/screengrab


Here's the rest of the video:


You’re welcome.

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