Channel 4's weather presenter threw serious shade at this newspaper

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It's been cold out there, make no mistake - we're dealing with a British winter and wrapping up warm is always advisable.

In the Twittersphere however, things are just as icy and some weather forecasters are are pulling no punches.

A tweet from Nathan Rao of the Daily Express has kicked up a storm (sorry) with a fellow forecaster, resulting in a majorly shady tweet.

This afternoon, Rao shared an article titled: 'Freezing temperatures to thaw as UK set for double figures next week'.


And the caption:

Fed up the cold? About to get milder...




Clearly not content with the man's forecasting, Channel 4's weather broadcaster Liam Dutton tweeted a picture of what appears to be a whiskey cask and the caption:

.@ExpressNathan I saw this pic of a heavily scraped barrel and thought of you. Can't think why...🤔 P.S. - when's the summer forecast out?




Note that he popped a little full stop before Rao's Twitter handle to make a more public point. 

The shade of it all. 

We predict a cold front from the Express followed by a high chance of a return tweet. We wonder if the likes of the BBC's Tomasz Schafernaker will get involved?

In short, batten down the hatches, the meteorologists are marching.


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