This couple have been married 67 years and never said ‘I love you’. That changed yesterday

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Picture: Javi y Mar / Twitter

We hope you had a great Valentine’s Day this year – but, let's be honest, it probably didn’t top this couple’s evening.

Qiao Dewei, an 84-year-old from Hangzhou, China, rented out the entire side of a 218-metre-high skyscraper to tell his 83-year-old wife, Liu Shixiu, that he loved her – for the first time ever.

The couple have been married for 67 years, according to website Sina – but Dewei had never told Shixiu he loves her.

Shixiu put on a wedding dress for the occasion (she had never worn one before) and Dewei wore a suit.

The Hangzhou Grand Metropolitan Hotel building lit up ‘I <3 you’ down its entire front. 

Here's the happy couple, and the Valentine's surprise: ​


Don't worry hopeless romantics - there's always next year.

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