These students launched a website celebrating immigrant entrepreneurs in the US

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University students Jorden Gonen and high school student Henry Kaufman had a very good idea.

Amidst all of the furore and the noise created by worldwide protests against Donald Trump’s attempt to bar people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US, they decided to showcase the contributions that immigrants made to the country.

The duo did this by designing a website that names entrepreneurs and CEOs who started life in the US as immigrants.

indy100 caught up with 19-year-old Jordan Gonen, who studies Finance and Computer Science at Washington University in St Louis.

My friend Henry Kaufman and I created the site in one night.

On the final Saturday in January, Gonen and Kaufman collected names of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies who were founded by immigrants.

We decided to build a site to recognise founders who come from immigrant backgrounds as just one way to showcase the importance of diversity in the workplace and what it can do.

Gonen’s connection to the immigrant story is personal: his father came to America from Israel.

My dad is an immigrant. I have lived my whole life knowing and understanding the importance of diversity. I’ve always said that you should try and surround yourself with people who are 'not like you.' There is so much to learn from working with people who share different beliefs or come from different backgrounds.

Gonen likes the Collision Brothers – John and Patrick – who founded Stripe, a company that allows businesses and individuals to accept payments over the internet.

He said the brothers, who started Stripe when they were both very young are “inspiring”. 

You can submit your own immigrant entrepreneurs to the list, by suggesting a founder. 

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