Donald Trump's presidency has cost US tourism £148million already

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America – that great land of opportunity – doesn’t seem to be an attractive travel destination anymore.

At least that’s the conclusion being drawn from a study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), who claim that the US travel industry suffered $185million (£148million) in lost revenue since Trump’s executive order banned citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

According to travel agency Hopper, flight search demand to the US dropped 17 per cent since Trump’s inauguration and the implementation of the travel ban. This is compared to the final weeks of Obama’s presidency.

In fact, flight searches to the US dropped in 94 of the 122 countries Hopper has data on.

Russia, as always, is an interesting exception – flight search demand to the US is up 88 per cent.

Perhaps the slump is seasonal?

The same time last year, there was only a 1.8 per cent decline for the comparable time period, suggesting a connection between Trump’s presidency and the fall in tourism.

You can see all of Hooper's data here.

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