Here it is: The worst letter ever written to a newspaper

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Gay marriage is currently not legal in Australia, but the recent resounding 'yes' in Ireland's referendum has led to renewed debate.

We've already seen that the debate is not particularly nuanced, but a letter to Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper really makes us worry about the level of discourse.

Jan, from Traralgon, wrote:

When I was a kid at school, we were taught about the birds and the bees. Not the birds and the birds or the bees and the bees. Just saying...


Sorry to break it to you Jan, but we're pretty sure that birds and birds, and bees and bees is how it does work.



Maybe this letter says more about public schooling in Australia than it does about attitudes to same-sex marriage.

Letter picture thanks to Denham Sadler. Nature pictures courtesy of Mrs Airwolfhound and TJ Gehling on Flickr.

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