Here's how people can take secret Snapchat screenshots of you

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If you are over 25 you are probably already a reluctant adopter of Snapchat. You don't really understand how to use it or why people keep sending you selfies modified with sparkly rainbow vomit.

It is a brave new world we live in, and it is terrifying.

What's even more terrifying is there's a trick to taking screenshots without notifying the sender....

In more or less words, this is why you probably shouldn't be sending nudes on Snapchat.

All other innocent uses are permitted.

1. When a new snap lands in your inbox, switch your phone on to flight mode without leaving the app


2. Despite being disconnected you should still be able to view the snap. So go ahead and open it

3. Take a screenshot and exit the app


4. Exit flight mode and pretend the whole messy business didn't happen

Wipes sweat from brow etc.



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