Here's what the man who had sex with a dolphin has to say

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It felt like I was making love with the ocean itself. It felt like, first of all, that I had forgiven myself - gotten over my hesitations about finally giving her what she wanted.

When I had that realisation, then it just seemed there was this energy surging between us, growing more intense, bringing us both to orgasm. Some scientists say that female animals don't have orgasms, but I know she did. She vocalised it.

  • Malcolm Brenner

Malcolm Brenner is an author, journalist and zoophile. In the 1970s he gained international fame for writing a book about his sexual relationship with a dolphin called Dolly.

Ahead of a new short documentary with Brenner, called Dolphin Lover, he was interviewed by Jezebel's Jia Tolentino who writes that she was struck by "the sincere, troubled and complicated intimacy with which Brenner recalls" the relationship.

Brenner notes that he believes his zoophilia is down to nurture, rather than nature, and reveals that he was sexually abused as a child.

He had been sent to the psychiatrist as part of a controversial treatment and belief system called orgonomy in which "sexuality was the life force of the universe, responsible for gravity and light".

It was not until his thirties that he realised the link between his zoophilia and the abuse he had received as a child.

Brenner, now 63, was sceptical at first about allowing the film-makers - Joey Daoud and Kareem Tabsch - to document his story.

Joey and Kareem had only done one movie together before, and I wasn't sure if they would have the right tone for Dolphin Lover. But we met, had some talks prior. Kareem won me over when he told me he believed I was truly in love with the dolphin.

  • Malcolm Brenner

Brenner had initially gone to the park in Florida where Dolly was kept on a photography project and it "took her literally about 3 or 4 months to begin to win me over".

You can read Malcolm's full in-depth interview with Jezebel here, and watch a trailer for Dolphin Lover below:

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