Show these pictures to anyone who says the Hollywood elite is out of touch

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Picture: Katie Deits Zuma Press/PA Images

Meryl Streep gave an eloquent speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night criticising Donald Trump for mocking a disabled reporter for the New York Times.

Typical out-of-touch Hollywood elite.

I mean honestly, where do they get the nerve?


Meryl Streep may have gone to public high school in New Jersey, but she was raised in a middle class family. She basically was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.


She knows nothing about hardworking Americans.


Or of the demands on American families in this trying age.


Never mind that Donald Trump inherited a YUGE proportion of his money. He's a self-made man. Right? Oh.

Picture: Katie Deits Zuma Press/PA Images


His companies, which he should keep in office (conflict of interest, schmonflict of schminterest), and his lukewarm attitude to tax, render him more in touch with the everyday hardworking American.

Picture: Katie Deits Zuma Press/PA Images


Who among us does not have their name on a jet?

Picture: Andrew Milligan PA Archive/PA Images


Or a Manhattan tower?

Picture: Peter Kramer/Getty Images


Yes. He, like your everyday man on the street, has felt hardship.

Furthermore, Meryl Streep can bore off.

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