These kids toys have very detailed genitalia and people want to know why

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Picture: Twitter

If you’ve ever wondered what a horse penis looked like, but haven’t been quite curious enough to Google it, fear not.

Bob Velcoro tweeted a photo of his child’s toy, asking the question we're sure is on everyone else's lips right now: 

Not sure why this toy needs this level of detail


But that, weirdly, isn't the most confusing part, he says all the other farmyard animal toys are without genitalia, it's JUST the horse:


The plot thickens. 

A helpful tweeter pointed out that the genitalia is very much human in appearance, not horse like: 


And someone even came forward with a potential love interest for the horse in question: 


Others uncovered some serious competition: 



While everyone else's responses were just great: 





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