John Bercow banned Trump from addressing Parliament and people can't handle it

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Commons speaker ​John Bercow has banned Trump from speaking in Parliament if his state visit goes ahead – and caused a bit of a stir.

Bercow said he is one of three “keyholders” who has to approve invites to the House of Commons Royal Gallery.

He remarked that the House’s “opposition to racism and sexism” had to be taken into consideration, and was cheered as he said being given a platform in Parliament was an “earned honour,” and not an automatic right.


Some politicians spoke out in support of Bercow, like Labour's Harriet Harman: 


Labour MP Owen Smith:


And the party's leader, Jeremy Corbyn:


But others have accused Bercow of being hypocritical for inviting the President of China and the Emir of Kuwait to the Commons.



There’s also disagreement over Bercow’s role requiring political neutrality, and his right to invite people to address the Commons. 



Some made clear they weren't happy with Bercow's stance: 


Including Ukip: 


And Piers Morgan, who apparently got confused and felt the need to apologise to the president: 


But we have something to look forward to: 


But really, Trump should approve: 



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