Man dresses up in a bear suit, scares the absolute living daylights out of his colleague

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Carrying a length of wire, wandering around a construction site and minding his own business, one man became the victim of what was quite clearly a terrifying prank.

For, hidden around the corner and out of sight, ready to pounce, was one of the aforementioned man's colleagues... dressed as a bear:


As he turns the corner, as many of us probably would in the same circumstances, the man jumps out of his skin, about-turns and runs for his life.

Except, well, he's not really running for his life, he's just running from some idiot in a bear costume...


But unfortunately for him, some other colleagues filmed his entire escape (including the dramatic fall and scramble on the floor) and uploaded it to YouTube where it has since been watched by thousands of people.

Headphones very much recommended for uncontrollable laughter of aforementioned colleagues...

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