This Northern Lights proposal will take your breath away

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Picture: DK Photography

The Northern Lights are a once in a lifetime experience.

At least for most people.

Karlie Russell, 29, and her boyfriend Dale Sharpe, 34, have seen the Northern Lines 30 times.

Picture: DK Photography


Their most memorable visit has been well and truly cemented in their history together, as Dale recently proposed to Karlie under the Northern Lights during a two month trip through Iceland, Norway and Finland for work.

Dale told the Daily Mail Australia:

It was the most amazing display of colour in the Aurora that we've ever seen.

I wanted to take full opportunity and make it happen at its absolute best. The moment was right, it felt good, so why not.

Karlie had asked for no-one to be present in the image of the Aurora Borealis, which was a bit of a hurdle.

She said she wasn't expecting the proposal, but was completely shocked.


Dale set up a head torch behind the couple so they would be lit up, placing the camera on a timer to catch the image.

He then proposed with the ring he had stowed in the couple's medical pack.


The couple are enjoying a few more weeks in the Arctic circle before they return home.

Meanwhile their proposal image has been the subject of viral news around the world.


Good luck trying to top that proposal, gents.

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