Here are the perfect male and female bodies, according to men and women

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The ‘perfect body’: What does it look like? What are the body parts that make it up?

These are questions that were no doubt on the minds of the people at Bluebella, a lingerie brand.

In order to find out, they conducted a survey to find out people’s perceptions about the perfect female and male body.

Predictably, men and women have vastly different opinions about what that is.

They created a composition of the best body parts participants cited, and created the ultimate sets of bodies.

Here they are: 

The perfect female body according to women (left) and men (right): 

Picture: Bluebella

According to the women surveyed, the best female body is made up of: the Duchess of Cambridge's hair, Cara Delevingne's face, Jennifer Aniston's breasts, Gwenyth Paltrow's stomach, Emma Watson's hips and Elle Macpherson's legs.

According to the men surveyed, the best female body is made up of: Scarlett Johanansson's hair (when it was longer than chin-length, Megan Fox's face, Kim Kardashian's breasts, Michelle Keagan's stomach, Kelly Brookes' hips and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's legs.

The perfect male body according to women (left) and men (right): 

Picture: Bluebella

According to the women surveyed, the best male body is made up of: Harry Styles’ hair, Jamie Dornan’s face, David Gandy’s torso, Brad Pitt’s biceps, David Beckham’s legs

According to the men surveyed, the best male body is made up of: Brad Pitt’s hair, David Beckham’s face, Ryan Gosling torso, Hugh Jackman’s biceps, Frank Lampard’s legs


Women's ideal bodies tend to err on the slimmer side, whereas men prefer women with larger frames. This is not the case when it comes to male bodies: women prefer men with some, but not extensive musculature compared to men, whose ideal bodies tend to be more muscled. 

A few caveats...

The survey does not take into account different cultural ideas of beauty and sexual preference. 

Ultimately the ideal beauty depends entirely upon the individual

The survey does however provide some insight into the social trends related to ideas about beauty and body shape. 

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