This emergency paramedic answered every question you'd want to ask them

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If you wondered what it must be like running around saving lives all day long, wonder no more. 

Super_Medic, a man who claims to be a 911 emergency medic of ten years, has answered every question you’d possibly want to ask him on Reddit.

He posted some proof of his credentials...



...and then redditors asked away:


Has anyone ever died when you couldn’t get to them because of bad traffic?

Oh yeah. More often than I think anyone realizes.

I don't think people realize that the call they are blocking us from getting to could be someone they love.


Have you ever almost been in an accident when you’ve had your siren on?

In my experience it's actually safer for us to drive with the siren and lights off.

People go straight stupid when they see the lights.

I've seen people pull into oncoming traffic to get out of the way. The way people respond is unbelievable

Remember: Slow down/stop and pull to the right.


What is the worst thing that someone "accidentally" got stuck up their bum?

One of those battery operated toothbrushes?

Brush side down and it had apparently worked its way up past finger reach. I didn't go hunting for it.

Get properly securable items for your butt play, people.


What's one of the nicer things you've had happen on a call?

After a call, we had a husband of a patient bring us some snacks and thank us for taking care of his wife. It was really nice to be remembered after the fact.

We really appreciate it.

Sometimes it definitely feels like we aren't noticed till we are needed.


Has anyone ever tried to seduce you when you were called out?

I had a guy invite me back to his place after my shift to 'hang out' with his two girls and him. I didn't go...


Have you ever felt your life was at risk due to a patient?

I've been unexpectedly caught in cross fire.

I've found myself locked in a back room of a run down house with a self proclaimed white supremacist with a bunch of guns laying around.

Several near misses from traffic working on highway.

Improperly secured vehicles starting to tip while I'm in them.

Most of the time it's not until after the fact you realise how bad a situation was.


Have you ever had to use your training outside of work?

I've rolled up on some wrecks in my personal vehicle.

It certainly has helped me learn to keep calm in a crisis.


Have you ever been assaulted or other wise aggressively treated by patients or bystanders?

The hardest I've ever been hit was by an 80 year old diabetic lady

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