Remembering the victims of the Peshawar massacre, one year on

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Children in Kohat, Pakistan, at a memorial service for the Peshawar victims on December 15th, 2015 (BASIT SHAH/AFP/Getty Images)

On Wednesday Pakistan marked the first anniversary since the Taliban attack on a school which left 150 people, mostly children, dead.

There was a service at the Army Public school in Peshawar, in the northwest of the country, attended by survivors, parents of the victims, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and several other dignitaries, local media reported.

The school inaugurated a new auditorium and a memorial to those who died.

In moments of extreme tragedy and violence like that inflicted on the children of Peshawar, the individual victims can sometimes be forgotten; replaced in headlines by a number.

When they returned to school two weeks after the massacre, two of the pupils - Talha Munir Paracha (far left) and Hassan Javed Khan (second right) - gave a heart-wrenching reminder that everyone there that day lost a friend, a classmate or a teacher.

Uploading two pictures to his Facebook page, Talha showed one from before the attack and one after.


In the second photo, two of his friends - Rafiq Bangash (second left) and Mohammad Yassen (far right) - are missing, tragically having lost their lives in the attack.


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In pictures: Peshawar children return to school after Taliban massacre

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