The 10 areas of the UK with the highest proportion of cats

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Dog may be man's best friend, but there's no denying that the cat comes a close second. In fact, there are an estimated eight million household cats in the UK.

But which area of the country feels the feline love the most? In order to answer this all important question, the team at the Mirror has compiled a very thorough "Cat Map of Britain", using data from the Petlog microchipping registry.

As well as finding the areas with the highest proportion of pedigree cats (mostly in London), and the areas with the highest density of cats (also mostly in London), here are the top 10 places with the highest human:cat ratio.

Number of humans per cat:

1. Guernsey - 9

2. Jersey - 9

3. Tonbridge - 11

4. Guildford - 12

5. Redhill - 13

6. Brighton - 14

7. Hemel Hempstead - 14

8. Torquay - 14

9. Portsmouth - 14

10. Cambridge - 14

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