The 10 best and worst performing currencies against the pound sterling

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If you’re worried about overspending this Christmas, here’s some good news: your next holiday will likely cost a lot less.

With sterling having a bumper year, pounds go further in most corners of the globe – but there are a few places that will cost more...

G20 currencies vs GBP:

Worst performing:

1 Russia (rouble) -52.3%

2 Argentina (peso) -32.5%

3 Japan (yen) -11.8%

4 EU (euro) -5.6%

5 Turkey (lira) -5.0%

Best performing

1 India (rupee) +5.0%

2 USA (dollar) +4.3%

3 Saudi Arabia (riyal) +4.2%

4 China (yuan) +3.4%

5 Indonesia (rupiah) +0.9%

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