The 10 most ridiculous things people have ever gone to the IT department for

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We've all been there. Having clicked repeatedly on the mouse, typed every combinations of keys possible and looked on endless forums that haven't been updated since the mid-2000s.

Finally resorting to calling the IT department only to be met by an exasperated colleague who (usually within about five seconds) solves your problem.

But if you thought your IT skills or knowledge were dreadful, remember you'll probably never be as bad as these 10 people, who, according to employees at IT firm SolarWinds, apparently actually contacted IT with the following ridiculous problems, apparently:

1. Like the person who doesn't know what the 'e' in email stands for


2. Or the one force-feeding their computer CDs


3. 'Wi-five'?!


4. The person who needed reminding what magenta looks like


5. This one who was way out of their depth


6. This one who doesn't quite understand how Google works


7. This one who thought wireless mice had magical energy


8. This one who doesn't understand basic symbols


9. Or this one who really overestimated the power of the IT department


10. And, frankly, if this is you, you really need to step away from the computer


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