These are the 10 most popular adverts of all time

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A gorilla drumming to Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight" has been voted the best-loved advert of all time.


The iconic ad, which beat the talking meerkats of price comparison website Compare the Market into second place, has remained a firm favourite eight years after it first aired.

1 Cadbury Gorilla 19% (191)

2 Compare the Market 16% (158)

3 Smash Martians 11% (107)

4 Hamlet cigars 7% (73)

5 Yellow Pages (JR Hartley) 7% (72)

6 Coca-Cola ("I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing") 7% (66)

7 Budweiser Wassup 5% (54)

8 Guinness 5% (50)

9 John Lewis ("Always a Woman") 5% (47)

10 Levi (Laundrette) 4% (41)

Source: TMS for Marketing

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