This artist has managed to create the perfect storm in a tea cup

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There may be many storms in tea cups in the age of the internet, at least in a figurative sense, but one artist has managed to turn them into a thing of beauty.

Brooklyn-based designer Victoria Siemer, aka Witchoria, told that she makes her "coffee cup manipulations" as a nice way to get her creative juices flowing each day.


Aesthetically, I was playing around in Photoshop with the idea of microcosms, imagining a universe in my cup. As the series developed I started adding in imagery of the ocean.


To me, the ocean is a lot like space, vast and full of unknowns. Sometimes I jokingly call it 'seapression', as I tend to work with water imagery when I’m depressed.





You can see more of Witchoria's work on her website here and buy her prints here.

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