This man mountain-biked down a dam. What on earth was he thinking

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(Photo: GoPro World/YouTube)

Planned stunts and GoPro footage have produced some brilliantly gif-able material over the years, but this footage has us querying what the biker was thinking would happen.

The video, uploaded on the GoPro World YouTube channel, shows mountain biker Primož Ravnik, cycling down the side of a 60m dam in Slovenia.


The nail-biting video shows Ravnik cycling down the side and plunging into the still water below, seemingly suffering no serious injury in the process.


Still - that’s pretty dam lucky (sorry).

The reason for the stunt, and GoPro footage, was to enter the Line of the World contest, which is run by GoPro to find the best POV videos, until 31 October.

Each month, one is selected as the best and is awarded $1,000, and the winner over the course of the competition will win a £20,000 grand prize.

To watch the video in full, see below:

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