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*Update: The chief of St Louis County Police, John Belmar, has issued an apology to the family of Tamir Rice.*

You can read his statement on Facebook.

Today, the police force in the county where Michael Brown was killed decided to weigh in on a killing of another unarmed black youth.

In a tweet and Facebook post that have now both been deleted, the St Louis County Police Department flippantly discussed the case of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy shot by police in Cleveland, Ohio, because he was playing with a toy gun.


The social media posts are especially insensitive given they come a day after a grand jury in New York announced it would not indict a white police officer who placed a black man in an outlawed chokehold - a chokehold from which 43-year-old Eric Garner died.

On The Daily Show last night, presenter Jon Stewart said "I honestly don’t know what to say" about the Garner case, which itself came a week after another grand jury in Missouri said it would not indict Darren Wilson for the killing of Brown, 18.

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