A herd of cows tried to catch a train. Seriously.

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Picture: Unsplash

Train delays - we Brits have heard it all.

We've had leaves on the track, we've had low sun, we've even had Jeremy Corbyn starting a revolution from a train toilet (ok that one's made up).

But now, in what can only be described as the most British rail incident of all time, trains in Kent were cancelled or delayed when up to 60 cows were spotted ambling along the track and hanging out on a platform.

Student Francesca Ryan tweeted this mesmerising photo of the herd...


According to the BBCthe animals caused major disruption to trains between Oxted and Uckfield.

And we're going to milk this moment for all it's worth.

There is no official confirmation, but we suspect that the cow-muters had to hoof it to the station in order to make their train.

Well National Rail, if you will pack us in like cattle...

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