The chin picture that Donald Trump hates ended up in an incredible photoshop battle

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Donald Trump said he didn’t want the media publishing unflattering photos of his double chin. 

So naturally, Reddit users took this image:


And they ran with it. 

1. The Trump candle


2. The alternative political battleground


3. You can't make me look in there. I will not look in there. I guarantee nothing good is in there

Merry Christmas! Love, The_Donald

4. We're going to make Gandalf the greatest 


5. Trump's already put loads of his policies on the (sh)elf


6. Just chilling 

im disappointed that donald's personality is overshadowing the fact that he's a fat obese person, people should be making fun of this more often

7.  If you ever wondered what Trump would look like if he put on 10 stone and found a red sock in his whites...


8. Trump's been involved in a few more porkies 


9. How Trump reads his notes


10. We all know this would happen if it was physically possible


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