Video: Woman struck by lightning while filming electrical storm

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A woman in Kent has spoken of the "petrifying" moment she was indirectly struck by lightning while filming the electrical storm in the skies above.

Susannah Ford-Crush, of Tunbridge Wells, was leaning out of her bedroom window taking a video when she was suddenly knocked back onto her bed.

I was only about four or five feet away from the hit itself. I was absolutely petrified, I’m still shaking now and I’m actually still quite static

  • Susannah Ford-Crush

“There’s some scaffolding up on the house next to mine and unfortunately what happened is with the scaffolding sticking right up into the air, the lightning has come down and I’ve had an indirect hit," she told BBC Radio Kent this morning.


Kent Fire Brigade attended the scene and Ms Ford-Crush explained that medics had told her she could be feeling the effects for the next 24 hours or so.

When asked if she had ever been struck by lightning before, Ms Ford-Crush said: “I haven’t, but I think I’ve learned my lesson now! I won’t be leaning out of the window the next time there’s a storm.”

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