Weetabix have a new breakfast idea… And everyone hates it

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Breakfast can be a pleasant introduction to your day, easing you into work-mode one egg-soaked muffin at a time.

It's a little island of bliss, between leaving the warm confines of your bed and the infuriating, and often nightmarish commute on your way to work.

Breakfast is sacred... Which is probably why so many people have had such a strong reaction to what may be an ill-conceived Weetabix cereal campaign.

Author of the Beach Street Bakery novels, Jenny Colgan, tweeted an image of the back of her Weetabix box.


People have taken issue with the following:

Eggs Benedict is originally an American breakfast, but we’ve made it British by switching a muffin for our nutritious Weetabix.





Also, muffins are English...?


Everything is wrong with the suggestion.





What happened at Weetabix HQ?


Weetabix tweeted back, and admitted they may have gotten a tad carried away...


Weetabix is probably better with milk.

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