What happens when you show cheap Ikea paintings to art 'experts'

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Have you ever suspected that some experts are just making it up as they go along, that most only listen to the opinions of others before forming their own?

Well, judging by this video from pranksters at Life Hunters TV, you may well be on to something.


The team took a painting from Ikea's Street Art Collection, placed it in a museum and told some so-called experts (although they may well just be people dragged in from the street) that it was the original work of the famous Swedish artist 'Ike Andrews' (see what they did there).

So would they be able to spot the difference "between a €10 painting and a high class piece of work from the museum"?


Either they don't know what they're talking about, or some poor art genius is spending their days knocking out mass-produced prints for a Swedish furniture store.

See the full video here:

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