The map of the North, according to southerners

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The saying goes that 'northerners live off gravy and southerners off its train'. But that’s not their only difference – both sides of the country also have very different ideas of what constitutes “The North”.

A professor at the University of Sheffield had a go at drawing an objective line between the north and south of England. This is what he came up with:


Picture: Danny Dorling, University of Sheffield 


His interpretation placed Nottingham firmly in the North and Leicester found itself south of the line.

However, the more well-known stereotype is that southerners resolutely believe that anything above the M25 is the midlands.

To illustrate this, a Redditor has published a southerner’s interpretation of the line:


Picture: Reddit / Jarvletts


In this version, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge find themselves oop north. 

How many southerners agree though? 


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