Woman draws up detailed PowerPoint to convince her crush to date her

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We’ve all let moments of bravery spur us on to text the guy we fancy, or send flowers after a first date.

But Lizzy Fenton went way beyond a small, romantic gesture and straight into rom-com territory.

She emailed a PowerPoint presentation to her crush, Carter, titled "Why you should date me".


In the presentation she listed reasons why he should consider Fenton girlfriend material. Including:

I am a tantalizing conversationalist and can hold riveting table talk with your parents

I am well dressed and will look classy at Thanksgiving dinner, family reunions, and other events of the like

I have an edgy yet tasteful sense of humour that will be sure to win the approval of your mother.

She includes a chart of her breast growth over time, complete with photos, and recommendations from her friends.

But the tounge-in-cheek attempt didn’t go down very well with Carter: 


But it wasn't a total loss:


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