The mistake you should never make in email, according to 250000 people

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Research from email management service Boomerang has analysed over a quarter of a million emails and what they discovered about our mailing habits was pretty interesting.

The company found that having incorrect grammar in the subject line of an email is enough to lower the chances of a response.

Emails without any errors in the subject line tend to receive a reply 34 per cent of the time. 

Those with an error receive them only 29 per cent of the time – a five per cent decline.

When the subject is four words long and no mistakes are made, the response rate jumps to 41 per cent. Five mistakes, however, drag it down to 30 per cent.

The biggest culprit is starting a subject sentence with a lowercase letter – it gets a response only 28.4 per cent of the time. Not good. 

When are we most likely to make these mistakes?

According to Boomerang, Monday, which “really is the worst day of the week”. 

So drink your coffee, take a deep breath, and proofread those emails before you hit send! 

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