The 10 biggest mistakes from history according to the internet

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Our planet's history is an incredibly complex subject that many a great scholar has dedicated their lives to try and understand. Even with retrospect we still don't fully comprehend the many factors and influences that have lead us to some of the most important historical moments.

Reddit users have been posting on a thread titled, “What was one of the largest mistakes in history?” to answer the question once and for all.

Minus some of the obvious stuff, naturally.

Some took it seriously:


The Battle of Karansebes where the Austrian army accidentally attacked itself, with over 10,000 casualties that were totally self-inflicted.

- _Oak_Nuggins_


Killing cats to prevent the spread of the black plague. They killed the cats, so the rats had less of them to worry about... You get the picture.

- ysquirt


Chernobyl was right up there on the pretty big fuck up list



'This ship is unsinkable!'



Others took a different route:


Blockbuster once had the opportunity to buy out Netflix for only nine-million dollars. They declined the offer, only to ironically go bankrupt because of Netflix which is now worth billions.



Yahoo rejecting the acquisitions of BOTH Facebook and Google.

- zucchini_asshole


Some were personal disasters:


The unluckiest man in the world: Meet the forgotten Apple founder who missed out on $35 BILLION after selling his shares for $800 in 1976. Ron Wayne was one of the three original founders of Apple in 1976, along with Steves Wozniak and Jobs.



An elderly man throws away a Euro millions lottery ticket Loss in 2010: $181 million.



And then there were these:


NASA accidentally taping over the moonlanding. In fact, there are no known original recordings of the event. Let's say that again, they TAPED OVER THE MOON LANDING.

- Broly_NoFap_Rinnegan


Not accepting Hitler into art school.



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