4 reality TV show secrets producers don't want you to know

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 04 August 2016 18:00
Picture: Screen Rant/YouTube screengrab

Surprisingly, not that much drama happens in the real world of real people. At least not at the hit-rate seen on TV.

Everyone knows reality TV isn't real, but, like a magic trick illusion, you can still enjoy it. Moreover, similar to a magician, the makers of reality television don't want you to know hows it's done.

Screen Rant has revealed some of the sneakiest tricks used by reality TV producers in a YouTube video.

It uncovers ten secrets from shows such as Celebrity Apprentice, the Bachelor, Big Brother, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Duck Dynasty, Dance Moms, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the Real Housewives of Orange County, House Hunters, and, MTV Cribbs.

Here's a selection:

1. Celebrity Apprentice

First in their sights is Celebrity Apprentice (hosted by you-know-who). Funnily enough the man to reveal the secret was magician Penn Gillette.

Writing about his time on the show Gillette said the contestants have nothing to do with Donald Trump's real business, and that the majority of their time is spent waiting around doing very little at all.

Picture: Screen Rant/YouTube

2. The Bachelor

More worryingly, contestants on this show said they were plied with alcohol, and constantly prompted to drink.

"Here, have some more wine and sit under hot studio lights. Oh look, you've said something contentious."

3. Big Brother

Big Brother contestants have previously accused producers of rigging competitions, and pushing them to be as shallow as possible in interviews.

The editing of B roll footage in order to manipulate viewers' opinions of reality show contestants is another Big Brother practice, and one well explained by Charlie Brooker before he had quiff and Black Mirror money.

Picture: Screen Rant/YouTube

4. House Hunters

This revelation is perhaps the most shocking.

Just like house buying shows in Britain, the participants are filmed viewing three properties and then choose one. Unlike the UK version, in House Hunters, they always end up moving into one of the three houses previously seen.

The way this gets guaranteed? Participants can only apply to the show if they already own one of the three houses.

As frustrating as the UK house hunting format may be, where nobody ever moves into any of the houses shown on screen, at least the 'hunt' is honest.

For the full video see below:

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