A terrified Good Morning Britain weather presenter 'swore' at Piers Morgan on live TV

Wednesday 14 September 2016 12:00
Picture: Screenshot/ ITV

Many of us enjoy watching others squirm on television - but maybe not as much as Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan does.

During Wednesday morning's show, weather presenter Laura Tobin looked terrified - much to Morgan's delight - as she abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

Morgan offered her tips and urged her to "bounce down" the property. Tobin responded:

I'll give you a bloody bounce in a minute.

Tobin, who appeared extremely nervous hanging off the tower, said that her mouth was full of swearwords.

Next time Morgan offers you tips, Tobin - we'd recommend using a stronger phrase or even better, send him on his own abseiling adventure.

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