A robot has somehow managed to write a brilliant new episode of Friends

Amelia Tait@ameliargh
Saturday 23 January 2016 13:30

Last week our hearts collectively burst at the news that there would be a Friends reunion, only to have them smashed to smithereens at the discovery it was a tribute show, and not a new episode at all.

Thankfully, a robot has now written a new script of Friends for us to enjoy, and with the line "Well, I proposed to my shoe," it's definitely the best episode yet.

Twitter user "Andy Pandy" tweeted out the new script earlier this week, which was generated by feeding "a recurrent neural network with the scripts for every episode of friends."

Hey, you don't have to understand it to enjoy it.

Featuring Monica and Ross kissing (bad robot), Jean Claude Van Damme saying the immortal line "I'll go in a crap", and an as-yet-unidentified character called "Chicken Bob", we're not afraid to call this a masterpiece.

Now if we could just get the cast to read it out at the reunion. Please? Or, failing that...

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