Afrobeats: The music phenomenon taking the charts by storm

Chris Mugan
Tuesday 20 May 2014 17:00
Richard Abiona, aka Fuse ODG (Picture: Getty)

A new sound is bringing sunny positivity to the charts thanks to the input of African and African-heritage artists.

Pop-dance hits with links to Nigeria and Ghana have been enjoying both high placings and longevity, a sign that something significant is taking place.

This phenomenon has acquired a name - Afrobeats - to differentiate the fusion of polished house/R&B production, Jamaican dancehall and African rhythms from the classic big-band Afrobeat purveyed by the likes of Fela Kuti.

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It is a multifarious scene that encompasses both first-generation British talents and African producers with their increasing ambitions to reach into global markets.

It has been bubbling up for a couple of years, though this month sees releases from two key players.

Nigerian star D'Banj's Bother You, the follow-up to his breakthrough UK hit ‚Oliver Twist, while Dangerous Love features reggae star Sean Paul, though fans will be excited it's the latest single from the Londoner of Ghanaian descent, Richard Abiona aka Fuse ODG.

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