Andi Peters trips over a bin and runs away from dog on live TV

Louis Dor
Friday 11 March 2016 14:30
Pictures: Good Morning Britain/YouTube

Daytime television, never change.

Good Morning Britain's Andi Peters made viewers chortle on Friday morning after he was completely flummoxed when confronted by a wheelie bin and a dog.

While stepping backwards, building up to the reveal the latest person to be chosen to play the 'Cash in Your Cornflakes' segment on the morning show, he nearly did himself a mischief via a stationary wheelie bin and a barking dog behind a fence.

Thankfully, Andi's able to laugh at himself as heartily as we are, and his colleagues are, chuckling after exclaiming:

Oh my life!

Watch the full video, below:

Let's get the action replay on that.

You're a good sport Andi.

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