Billie Eilish had the most inspiring response to being body shamed by trolls

Joanna Taylor
Wednesday 02 December 2020 16:42
( Scott Dudelson / Getty Images)

Billie Eilish had the perfect response to trolls who thought it was necessary to comment on her body.

The 18 year-old singer discussed the reactions to a photo of her wearing a tank top, shorts and sliders that circulated in October.

Some of the people who shared the image made misogynistic and fat-shaming comments. Eilish, who found fame in her teenage years, typically wears baggy clothes, in part to avoid this.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she said:

“There's this picture of me running from my car to my brother’s front door on like a 110 degree day in a tank top.  And people were like, damn, Billie got fat.  And I’m like, nope, this is how I look, you've just never seen it before!" 

She added:

“I love having kids relate to me and tell me that I make them feel comfortable in their bodies. If I can do anything, I want to do that.”

After the photo was shared, many of Eilish’s fans came to her defence.

And praised her “inspiring” reaction to being body-shamed. 

Eilish herself has also spoken out about the double-standards women in the music industry face before. 

In her a short film published on YouTube, she pointed out that strangers attaching her worth to her body was more their problem than it is hers.