This video shows where celebrities lived before they were famous and the difference is staggering

Joshua Zitser
Sunday 08 November 2020 08:45

Ever wondered where Beyonce lived before she was an international pop star?

Well, thanks to a viral TikTok video you can now see what her childhood home looked like.

The video, shared by @catherinethecrazy, shows the pre-stardom homes of Eminem, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Rihanna and John Travolta. It then compares them to their post-fame mansions.

The video offers an insight into the humble beginnings of some of the stars.

Eminem’s home, in particular, shocked viewers. His childhood home was a small, boarded-up house in Missouri.

His house now is staggeringly different. It’s a sprawling mansion with a large swimming pool.

One user commented: “Eminem came the farthest and worked the hardest”.

Another wrote:

Eminem deserves the whole world, he’s come such a long way.

The before and after pictures of John Travolta’s houses also shocked viewers.

Travolta’s first home, a modest detached house in New Jersey, looks tiny in comparison to his current abode.

It’s so big it has two planes parked outside,

This prompted someone to comment: “Uhm, we gonna ignore the fact that John Travolta just had an airplane chilling in his front yard?”

Someone's done alright for themselves!