Drake adding booze mixer to his drink and getting caught has become the purest meme of 2017

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 01 December 2017 13:30

The new Drake meme has arrived.

The singer attended a Toronto Raptors (he is the team’s ‘global ambassador’) game against the Charlotte Hornets at the Air Canada Centre.

During the game, Drake decided to have a drink.

An innocent decision, to be sure. The 31-year-old was cheeky, however, and was spotted pouring a Perrier mixer into a large cup, giving the impression to some that there was another (perhaps alcoholic) beverage in there.

The cameras caught him in the act, and once he realised he was on the big screen…

Well. This happened:


So we bid a fond farewell to the #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat meme...

And wish a warm welcome to this panicked jiggle:

And so the memes begin...

The caption wars have commenced...

Is this real? Or has Drake dipped into his Degrassi acting days to give the people what they've been craving?

Who knows?

Either way, Drake delivered.

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