Drew Barrymore says she'll 'never forgive herself' for drinking too much during this TV interview

Louis Staples
Saturday 29 August 2020 11:15

Drew Barrymore has a new talk show, which is exciting.

But taking on the new role of host has made her reflect on times she’s been a guest on other people’s shows.

In particular, a 2018 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, hosted Andy Cohen, has been playing on her mind. In a clip from her upcoming talk show, she tells Cohen how much she regrets drinking too much the last time she appeared on his show, People reports.

In the clip, she says:

It was on your show, and I drank too much and I have never forgiven myself, nor will I ever forgive myself.

During Barrymore’s last appearance on Watch What Happens Live, with her Santa Clarita Diet co-star Timothy Olyphant, some fans noticed that she appeared to be drunk and posted about it on social media. “Drew is so drunk lol,” one wrote, while another added: “She’s clearly drunk and I’m living for it.”

Barrymore admitted she’s an “imperfect person” who slipped up on the show, saying:

I tout that, and I’ve had that liberty since I was a kid because it was all out there.

And it was either ‘boo-hoo about it’ or say, ‘God, it’s sort of redeeming to not have to pretend to be perfect.’ But I really want to apologise to you because I really, I just, I will never let that happen again. I’m so sorry.

Thankfully, Cohen really didn’t think it was a big deal. After all, Watch What Happens Live is hosted in a clubhouse with a bar, where guests are served drinks. He said:

I’m used to people being over-served on my show, and so I don’t even really have a totally clear memory of it.

But you don’t need to apologise to me for being over-served on my show, that happens. You’re in a great club of people.

According to its official description, The Drew Barrymore Show is about “optimism TV, bringing information, inspiration, and entertainment … celebrating every part of humanity along the way.”

And judging by this tale, we’re presuming that means a martini or two.

H/T: Decider