Felicity Huffman accused of 'white privilege' after being released from jail after just 11 days

Louis Staples
Saturday 26 October 2019 13:30
(Getty / Twitter)

Felicity Huffman was released from prison on Friday morning after serving 11 days of her two-week sentence for cheating on her daughter’s SAT test.

The College admissions scandal made headlines around the world earlier this year when it was revealed that several high-profile actresses had been accused of buying places for their children at elite colleges.

The Desperate Housewives actress began her 14-day sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in California on 15 Oct after pleading guilty to one count of fraud. Huffman admitted to giving $15,000 to consultant Rick Singer to boost her daughter’s SAT score.

Yet after 11 days – three days earlier than scheduled – Huffman was released.

As the news hit social media, plenty of people expressed their anger at Huffman’s early release. Many people think that, if Huffman wasn’t a wealthy white woman, she might not have been treated so favourably.

There are currently thousands of African American prisoners serving far longer sentences for minor crimes. Cheating in colleges also deprives other students of places whose parents can’t afford to rig the system for them.

At the time of Huffman’s sentencing, her former co-star Ricardo Chavira suggested that race was a factor in her “lenient” 14-day sentence.

But now that the actress has been released early, people accused Huffman of benefiting from “white privilege”.

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