Films that actually did worse at the box office than Fifa's United Passions

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 09 June 2015 12:30
Sepp Blatter and Gerard Depardieu at a screening of United Passions at the Cannes Film Festival

United Passions, the self-congratulatory biopic of the history of Fifa, has well and truly bombed at the box office.

Upon its release in the US, the film starring Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter - which cost Fifa over $20m to produce - made just $607 (£397) in its first weekend.

In case you needed a reminder of just how "laughably awful" the film is, here's the trailer - all 116 painful seconds of it:

But thankfully for Fifa, the measly takings of the first weekend take it well beyond the worst performing films in history.

Here are nine that grossed less at the US box office:

1. Zyzzyx - $30

one cinema in Dallas for a week

2. Storage 24 - $72

IMDBestimated $72

3. Dog Eat Dog - $80

Box Office Mojo

4. Pretty Village, Pretty Flame - $211

depicts the Bosnian Warjust $211

5. Playback - $264

made back just $264

6. Intervention - $279

made $279

7. Trojan War - $309

8. The Marsh - $336

made only $336

9. Apartment 143 - $383

MentalFlossRotten Tomatoes

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