Game of Thrones fans are going wild for a modern-day trailer

Josh Withey@josh_withey
Saturday 02 September 2017 12:15
Picture:(Westeros The Series)

"The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Another season of Game of Thrones is over and done with, and fans have been left with an agonisingly vague wait until the eighth and final instalment of the HBO epic.

With new episodes not on the way until 2018 or possibly 2019, many are desperate to dive back into the world of dragons, white walkers and faceless men as soon as possible.

There are at least five spin-off series currently in the works, but we're unlikely to see or hear from those any time soon.

Truly, the time between Game of Thrones episodes is dark and full of terrors.

But that's also when people get are at their most creative.

Take Westeros the Series for example, a fan-made trailer re-imagining the Game of Thrones universe in the present day.

The trailer is a moody, modern look at the nation of Westeros - with a Lannister as President and the Starks appearing to be some sort of a rebel faction (what's new, eh?).

There's also some great shots of a snowy wall you can drive past, the iron throne in what appears to be a museum and a large very familiar flying shadow.

As one YouTube commenter rightly points out, the previous long night (when the dead rose) took place 1000 years ago, so it would make sense canonically to do it all over again in another 1000 years. Plus it would look pretty darn cool

Watch the trailer right here:

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