This photo shoot of Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke kissing is going viral

Thursday 24 August 2017 09:00

Warning: This article is long and full of spoilers.

Jon Snow ( played by Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) have finally met in Game of Thrones this season, and the fanbase couldn't be shipping it harder, despite the whole likely incest thing.

Jon Snow, was actually the son of Lyanna Stark, not her brother / Snow's guardian, Ned. His father is probably Rhaegar Targaryen - Daenerys' much older brother, making her his aunt.

It's not been explicitly said that this is the case, but still, a rigorous debate is raging about whether it's OK to ship it or not and the battle lines are being drawn.

Safe to say, there's a fair amount of ammunition for the 'pro' side, thanks to a 2012 photoshoot for Rolling Stone.

Shot by Peggy Sirota for Rolling Stone, the cast hung out in a field, and, well, as she says:

It was a small crew on that day, just a few of us out in the field. The chemistry between these four was huge, as you can see… I asked them to kiss, I suppose love was in the air, & I was just lucky enough to be there.

Expect to see these images a fair deal in coming days.

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