Here's what happens when you ask Siri if Jon Snow from Game of Thrones is dead

Louis Dor
Tuesday 12 April 2016 14:20
Picture: HBO/Game of Thrones/Screengrab

Warning: This article contains spoilers, as did the headline, and the tweet or Facebook post from whence you likely came. This plotline happened 10 months ago, catch up already.

It's been a while since the last season of Game of Thrones ended and we all blossomed a ferocious and immediate hatred of Olly.

Now the new season beckons, and we will soon have an answer to the question of whether the thoroughly-stabbed Jon Snow is actually dead.

As any cursory sweep of Google, social media, the internet or the public fantasy-watching hivemind will reveal people are a little pent up with knowing the answer.

People have been watching Kit Harrington's haircut, his filming schedules, and the internet for any hint of a spoiler after the sixth season premiere on Sunday night.

Now people have turned to the one true source of information for answers, Siri.

Of course, Siri has some answers planned for us:

There have been a plethora of answers, referencing quotes from the show and Snow's direwolf Ghost, showing that Siri may be a fan of the HBO series.

We'll count that as confirmed.

We had a go ourselves, to see what Siri said:

Quoting the show is all well and good, but what about answers?!


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