Ian McKellen says he'll probably be dead before Brexit happens

Darren Richman
Monday 04 November 2019 09:45
Picture:( Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Pride in London/iStock)

The great Sir Ian McKellen, star of stage and screen, believes he will be “long dead” by the time Brexit actually happens.

The star of The Lord of the Rings, X-Men and perhaps the funniest scene in Extras, told PA:

I did think the other day, as we battle through Brexit, I thought 'Oh good God, when I’m long dead they still won’t have the Brexit deal complete, so I think I won’t take a view on it.'

The iconic actor, 80, went on to say:

I’ve withdrawn entirely, emotionally, from the race and am now watching it as a bit of chess and all I can say is they are wretched players and don’t know a pawn from a queen.

With any luck McKellen will be around for a while yet and still not see Brexit come to pass.

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