I'm A Celebrity fans spotted evidence the show's scariest task is fake

Mimi Launder
Tuesday 21 November 2017 10:30

I'm A Celebrity is back once again for all your celebrity-suffering needs.

But fans will be disappointed to know that some of the indignity, terror and agony that the vaguely famous contestants suffer may not actually be all it appears.

This season, the contestants appeared to be put through high-rise hell in Australia- after they were challenged to walk out onto narrow girders at a terrifying height.

However, eagle-eyed Facebook user Tom Smith spotted something slightly odd.

The post, which appears to shows a woman walking underneath the celebrities who were meant to be 334 feet in the air, has been shared tens of thousands of times.

Some were convinced there was a cover up.

Though others think everyone should stop jumping to conclusions.

One Facebook user wrote:


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