People are furious over this Jane Austen headline

Louis Dor
Tuesday 19 December 2017 16:45
Picture:(Hulton Archive/Getty Images/Twitter)

Jane Austen was one of the UK's greatest ever writers. You've probably heard of her, the Bank of England put her on the tenner this year.

A testament to the author, dead for 200 years, was provided by Andrea Leadsom in the House of Commons:

A recent article in the Washington Post described her as...

...the master of the marriage plot.

The Washington Post tweeted the article, with the headline:

Jane Austen was the master of the marriage plot. But she remained single.

It went down badly, safe to say:

People also pointed out that she probably didn't need to be married:

In fact, the most apt way of retorting to the tweet was probably this:

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